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About So Good


So GoodTM is range of dairy free milks and frozen desserts. While we have been famous for many years as Australia and NZ’s favourite soy milk, now our Almond and Coconut milks are becoming famous too.

So Good Products are:

  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Lactose Free
  • Vegan friendly

BeveragesOur Almond and Coconut milks are delicious. They are made from the goodness of Almonds and with the great taste of Coconut, they contain calcium and most have fewer calories than lite milk. Our Almond Milk Original and our Almond Coconut Milk Original have 1/3 fewer calories than lite dairy milk, whilst our unsweetened versions have 60% fewer calories than lite dairy milk.

So Good Soy milks are made with non-GM* soy protein. With 80% less saturated fat than regular dairy milk, So Good soymilks provide a range of essential nutrients including protein, calcium and phosphorus, while also providing vitamin B12, vitamin A and riboflavin. And it gives you all that goodness with no animal fat, no cholesterol and no lactose. In fact, So Good is a great choice for all round great nutrition.

So Good soy comes in a fantastic range of products and flavours, including So Good Frozen Desserts, so you can enjoy the benefits of So Good every day.

*By non-GM soy we mean Identity Preserved. Soy is the main characterising ingredient in So Good soy milk. By using an Identity Preservation process, every stage from seed to supermarket is controlled to maintain segregation and minimise the possibility of mixing identity preserved soybeans with any genetically modified soybeans.